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Event Management (Plan your event)

When planning for an event, there are many possibilities that need to be thought of and taken care of. A planner needs to be very organised and use technology to help them get their message out there in the marketplace.

What if you could send a text message to everyone on the one number?
Well you can by creating a group via gText.

gText provides a functional way to monitor and keep everyone in the loop with just "One Number to Remember."

One Number to Remember? What does it all mean?

An event planner can now simply send out a text message to a wider audience (creating awareness, get people interested in the event, responding to a request and much more), all with one number and your message is sent out instantly. Group text messaging is an opt-in service by which the host will send out a text message to the recipients asking their permission to join their group, by simply replying “gYes.”

How does it work?

Simply sign up for free via gText by entering in the fields your name, your mobile number, select a password, add the members you wish to include in your group and away you go! Upon signing up, you will receive 25 free credits. That's 25 free credits to help you to get started and send right away and best of all… Your credit's don't ever expire! Whenever you need it, you can send out an invite, change of date etc via SMS to all your contacts via one number with all the important details you need to provide.

Why use gText instead of e-mail?

As you know, e-mail can be used in the same way but emails can get lost in the clutter, bounce back, wrong email address or go to the spam filter. Why take the risk when you now have a simpler, faster and easier way to let your contacts know what is happening.

By using gText, the group you want will need to opt-in, so there is less of a chance in making mistakes, as they will need to reply back to the SMS text with a simple “gYes” to start participating. All your text messages are sent directly to your contacts on one easy number. Once your text message is sent asking them to join your group, it is received on their mobile phone instantly, giving the recipient time to look and reply should they be interested.

With 25 free credits upon signing up to get started, you can save time, money and you can create a group so much faster all on one simple number:

• No more double entry 
• No more typing digits in your phone 
• No More Confusion 
• No more having to remember different numbers

With gText you can also make your thread private or public, giving your group the opportunity to participate in a conversation about the event, share information or discuss what's needed for the event with confidentiality. As a planner, this is very important and with the ability of seeing who has messaged you in the group, you can keep track of the recipients who have engaged in the conversation. If by chance there are unwanted comments, you can take charge by stopping the person from continuing. You being the host, you have total control. You also have the ability to invite others into the group once the group has started a conversation.
It's all up to you!

Using gText for your next event.

Using gText as a part of an event, you can obtain valuable feedback from guests on any aspect of the event, maintain a regular guest list and use the information for other types of events. gText also cuts down the cost and time that is spent on invitations. The time it takes to preparing the text message instead of writing or printing out the invitations, is an instantaneous motion. A text message can be typed very quickly. Moreover, text messages are more personal.

During the event itself, the event planner can communicate with all staff members at once by regularly texting one another. It can especially be useful if something does go wrong, the planner can be notified right away without creating attention to it or accidently exposing guests to it. There are really so many benefits when using the gText technology.

Why not give it a go!

gText is THE way to go for organising your next event and why wouldn’t you? This component will take the effort out of hard work to make your event a sure winner!

Visit: www.gtext.com.au for more information or sign up free now and receive your 25 Free Credits and get started today.

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Welcome to gText

This article was published on 2011/05/28