Ideas for Corporate Team-Building Events

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Companies function as teams, and proper communication, respect and camaraderie can go a long way toward encouraging employees to work as effectively as possible. As a result, many managers and owners are now turning to corporate events to help build the teamwork needed to drive success. Fortunately, a number of great ideas have been uncovered through the years; here are some of the best.

Food-Related Events

Company picnics are long tradition for many companies, and spending time with others in the park can be fun. In addition, picnics need not be expensive, and asking employees to bring their favorite meals can help. These events are also great places for employees to bring children to, and setting up a pavilion or tent can give people a place to relax and talk with each other. By adding fun games and other events, it is possible to make these events enjoyable and memorable. Even simple events, such as three-legged races, can demonstrate the importance of teamwork. Some companies even offer food competition events; for companies with competitive employees, these events can be tremendously rewarding.

Physical Events

Events that encourage physical activity have become popular as well. While some employees may be unable to participate in football, basketball or other activities, some forms of physical exercise can be done by all employees. Dragon boating, for example, can be fun for older employees are those who are not in great physical shape. In addition, dragon boating emphasizes teamwork and working in sync with others; those who are interested in unique events may wish to consider dragon boating.

Talent Shows

Another idea many companies are using is talent shows. Employees often have talents or skills that they do not often discuss; talent shows allow them to show off their expertise in areas unrelated to work. In addition, talent shows can encourage quiet employees to get up and interact with others. Even those who do not wish to demonstrate a particular talent will have fun watching their coworkers. The cost of these events are generally low, and simply renting out a restaurant or other location or hosting these events on company property can make for a fun event for all employees.

Holiday Parties

Holiday parties have been a cornerstone of corporate team-building for decades, and many employees appreciate being able to kick back and relax with their coworkers. By incorporating team-building activities early in the party, it is possible to use them as a means of improving camaraderie and demonstrating the power of teamwork. It should be noted, however, that these events generally best done early in the evening; after eating and drinking, employees may not wish to participate in these activities. Still, simple activities can go a long way toward teaching employees to work well with each other and to communicate.

Increasingly, researchers are studying human factors and finding that an ability to work well with each other can greatly benefit a company. By viewing corporate events as a means of improving company-wide productivity, managers and owners can use them as a way to increase profits over time.

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Ideas for Corporate Team-Building Events

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Ideas for Corporate Team-Building Events

This article was published on 2013/08/13