Fundraising For School Through Go-kart

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Fundraising For School Through Go-Kart

Do you want some action in your fundraising for school campaign? Then, get yourself pumped up to raise funds through a go-kart derby. This is really fun way to raise money. A lot of kids find delight in making their own go-karts. This one of the ways they use to pour out their creative juices. Kids engineer their racing karts by using bike wheels, wooden boxes, pram wheels, and off-cuts of timber. Even though karts are made using recycled materials, they can be tailored into monsters of speed.

If you’ve grown tired and weary of doing door-to-door sales with cookie dough tubs, then a go-kart derby will be the most pristine idea for you to try out. Let’s get to the basics of organizing this fundraiser event. The first thing you need to do is to set the rules for the go-karts that will be used during the event. Insist that each contestant should use a home-made model. The most basic design for karts includes a plank that has four wheels that is attached with a wooden soapbox on one end. This serves as the driver seat. However, being basic or ordinary can be really boring so you need to encourage your contestants to produce out-of-this-world models that will help make things more exciting. Do this and you will surely have a lot of fun looking at the wacky and unique designs that people will be coming up with. You can motivate people to work really hard on designing their karts by telling them that cool prizes will be offered to contestants who have great-looking models.

In order for you to make the most of this fundraiser, you need to gather a lot of competitors. This is the best thing that you can do to prevent your plans from flopping. With enough hard work and creative efforts, you can turn this into a daily activity so that you can have a secret weapon to pull out whenever you need some funds for expenses. Aside from getting competitors in neighborhoods, you can also encourage local businesses to throw in a team of racers. They might want to jump in for the fun and use your event for free publicity at the same time. Some local businesses may be willing enough to give some donations in exchange for free publicity.

In order for you to turn this into a really large event, you need to advertise and advertise really hard. Get good exposure by asking some help from local radio and TV stations in your community. Aside from this, you can also spread the word out by making colorful posters, flyers, and banners. Include exciting and catchy phrases in your ads so that you can encourage people to have a good look at them.

You can raise good money from this event by charging your participants a certain fee to enter the race. You can also get donations from local business sponsors. People will surely be looking for snacks during the race so setting up a snacks booth is a good idea to try out as well.
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Fundraising For School Through Go-kart

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This article was published on 2011/02/07