Event Space Rental Agreements

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The contract for a one-day event space rental is more complicated than you think. Venue owners and event planners make a formal agreement to protect themselves from legal liabilities in case something goes wrong in the event. The terms and conditions are clearly laid out in the contract to prevent confusion later on.


The venue agent will ask for a brief description of the event. This data is helpful to assess what types of events are usually held in the venue, as well as to determine how it can improve its facilities. If venue preparation is part of the deal, knowing the purpose of the event will give the agent ideas on how to arrange the location accordingly.


The contract must also state the number of event attendees. This is one of the most important pieces of information. From this, the agent can determine what room or facility in the venue is the most appropriate for the client. This is also in line with some safety regulations, such as fire and hazard codes.


Both parties must agree on the floor plan and set up of the event rents denver. Clients usually access the set up services of the venue itself—for additional fees, of course. However, they can also take charge of setting up to eliminate the extra costs. For the most part, though, the set up services included in event center packages come in reasonable prices.


Most venue owners require their clients to deposit an initial amount as a reservation fee. This guarantees them use of the venue for a particular date and time. Reservation fees and all other financial transactions involved in the deal must clearly be indicated in the contract. An event space denver rental agreement might also require clients to pay for insurance in case of accidents and other unfortunate circumstances.


The contract also states whether the venue permits outside catering or requires in-house catering from pre-approved vendors. In case of the latter, the venue agent must present different food service plans so the client can choose the most suitable option. Both parties must also agree about cleanup and egress after the event space denver.

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Event Space Rental Agreements

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This article was published on 2011/08/26