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As a corporate event management company, it is important to listen to your client and fulfill their expectations in terms of their special event needs. Most often, clients are looking for the big wow factor for their events and thus many times you will need to go outside the typical corporate event planning box. What I thought I would do is share some corporate event ideas we implemented at a recent event in hopes that you can use them at your next event.

One of the first corporate event ideas that you can do at your event is to install round tables that seat 30 and 40 guests at each table. Usually, for any type of party planning, whether it is corporate event planning or social event planning, round tables seat 10 to 12 guests each. It took various ideas from quite a few different teams of vendors that service corporate event management companies to figure out how to manufacture these extra large tables; however we were able to build these tables day-of to accommodate guest seating for 30 and 40 people.

With the increase in size of these particular tables to 20 feet and 24 feet in diameter to accommodate 30 and 40 guests respectively, you will have to increase the size of everything else as well including the linens and the centerpieces. The linens should be 25 feet and 29 feet in diameter for your underlays and 22 feet and 26 feet in diameter for the overlays (if you choose to do them) respectively.

There are plenty of corporate event ideas for the flowers but the client decided upon a very traditional arrangement using the room colors of burgundy, gold and ivory. Installing the flowers can be quite tricky. You will have to have your florist climb on top of the table without their shoes on in order to reach the center and start building the centerpiece outwards towards the guest seating.

In addition to the center floral, at all the individual large tables we placed 8 satellite floral arrangements and over 20 votive candles in order for these tables to mirror the other regular sized tables in the room. Plus, remember since these tables are so large, they will need extra decor so that they don't look empty. It is suggested that before the event you hold plenty of meetings and initiate logistical corporate event planning steps in order to execute the set up in 8 to 10 hours.

Once the flowers are set, then the catering team can tackle the room with their dishware such as gold beaded chargers, specialty folded napkins, wine and water glasses. An added touch would be to place at each place setting something like a special chocolate guest favor to signify the importance of this special anniversary.

It is important for all corporate event management companies to work closely with their client to learn what unique aspects you can bring to your event to make it memorable for the guests. For this event, the client amazed their guests by providing straight from China actors who performed the ancient Chinese dramatic art of Bian Lian (face changing). The performers wore brightly colored costumes and vividly colored masks (which they changed in a fraction of a second) while moving to quick dramatic music. It was truly spectacular to watch.

Other entertainment ideas can include a DJ who accompanies the music with her singing and an aerialist who performs 20 feet above ground just using her strength and a ribbon suspended from the ballroom ceiling for her performance.

I hope you found some of these corporate event ideas useful for your corporate event planning. It's important as a corporate event management company to stay fresh and innovative. Until next time, remember the Budget Bash mantra: make it simple, stylish, fun and economical to all!

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Corporate Event Planning for Special Events

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